Travelling in young age opens your mind, It is the one thing that is kind of give and take no matter how old you are when you travel it opens your mind to different cultures, different thoughts, different religions, different opinions and also let you grow as well and makes you knowledgeable about other cultures as well, the people who used to travel are generally street smarts because they are only able to learn not only about other people’s but also have an open mind opinion perspective about different ideas

The next thing is learning about other cultures, it makes you grow, it makes you appreciate different things, try that food that might look disgusting but may have a much better taste. You will learn about traditional dance, it’s all about merging yourself into the culture in the country get the most as you can, the best way to do that is to live like locals, you are not going to get that in staying in five star hotel, go and explore see what’s out there that’s what being young is all about.

The next part is no responsibility, you don’t have responsibility- you don’t have kids, don’t have major bills you have the least responsibility right now so it is the best time to take the advantage of traveling is this time and a lot of people tend to be scared because of budgeting but there are ways around money simply cutting things such as going out partying all the time or eating out these things can actually benefit you to make that dream or that true trip that you always wanted to go to. So it is very important for you guys to think about these things

Next things is Love young learn young, what I mean by that is you got to love your life you got to love yourself, traveling will make you do that, when you are in a place you don’t know the person you don’t know anyone when you are at home you know everyone but when you overseas miles and miles away you kind to forced to love yourself and just embrace that moment at that time, all the experiences will eventually go together and allow you to learn from what you have overcome from your experience. Yes I do know we have many things

Prevent Regret, have you ever met anyone who used the phrase “you know I really regret when I think I didn’t travel much when I was younger” no its usually looks something more like this” I didn’t travel more when I was younger” so travel more explore more and regret less.

Meet awesome people, when you travel you meet a bunch of people and all of them have stories and interesting background to help you to grow and learn different things about life.

The last thing is experiencing the life of the edge, you are young you should enjoy your travel, by traveling you can try different things like scuba diving, bungee jumping and many others things.

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