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The European country like Italy always remain as the favorite tourist destination from the people all over the world and the cities of Italy sounds at its best during its autumn season. Therefore this particular country of the continent is usually known for experiencing the best sun-shines, unique palaces and for the greater sightseeing of the amazing landscapes that prevails in the major cities of the country. The other important feature of the city is the possession of the world’s famous historical monuments that are enriched with beautiful architecture and sculptures. Some of the cities are also familiar with the prevailing of the holy places like the cathedrals and no wonder that this particular country is receiving a huge number of tourists every year.

Museums in Italy

The country holds a good number of museums in its various locations which illustrate the lifestyle and culture of those who lived in the country in the ancient days. Since this country is one that is known for it is historic and the artistic qualities, it is equipped with a large number of museums and these tend to attract the infinite number of tourists. This country is often referred to as the land of museums because the most fascinating ones such as the Academy Gallery, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Bargello Museum, Uffizi gallery, National Gallery of Umbria and the National Archaeological Museum are located at this particular country.

The persons who are planning for their travels to this country must devise a plan so as to visit these important destinations. One such important museum of the country is the National Etruscan Museum which often provides mysterious and the amazing feels to its viewers. Another predominant is the Vatican Museums which are the buildings constructed before hundred years and they enrich in good treasures and it often remains as a gathering place for the Popes. The historic value of this museum is very magnificent in spite of its disorganized looks and for its rambling ones.

Favorite Foods of the region

One can enjoy tasting a cheese pizza along with the creamy pasta at the various restaurants in the cities of Italy which is the rich gourmet of the country. The Italian cuisines remain unique from the various others and the travelers of this destination can discover the new feels of eating those sumptuous dishes of the country which can definitely make the concerned persons to feel delighted. Hence the cuisines of Italy serve a lot to the food buffs and if one is planning for their winter vacations, obviously this Italian country is the ultimate destination for those people.

Historical sites of Italy

The most important historical location of Italy is Lombardy and the reasons for its good eminence is its location where one can accomplish themselves with the greater sense of enjoyments and one can surely experience its rich historical importance and culture beyond its picturesque beauties. The reasons for its good attraction is due to the possession of its fine architecture and the sculptures which makes the regions of Lombardy as more predominant and the travelers are intended to gain information about the artistic skills of the people of these countries, should never miss this region during their visits.

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